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With QuickBooks being the most popular accounting program for small business, you know how important it is to keep things up to date with your accountant/bookkeeper. 

Intuit provides QuickBooks Online which is perfectly fine for some businesses...such as service-only businesses, 1099 contractors and so on. However, most companies require the full desktop version which offers many more features such as tracking inventory, generating purchase orders and enhanced online bill pay.

Working with QuickBooks Desktop on your computer though has some disadvantages such as having to send accountant's copies via email or through QuickBooks' own service. This can be messy, time-consuming and ultimately cause issues accessing information you need in a timely manner.

To get the best of both worlds, we offer a QuickBooks hosting service which gives you the full desktop version of the program while also hosting it in a server environment that allows your accountant, bookkeeper and anyone else you wish to use the software to be working in it simultaneously. This makes keeping your information accurate while accessing your information much easier, especially in a busy environment.


  1. Quick and easy access 24x7

  2. Full backups run for you

  3. Requires only an internet connection

  4. Works with Microsoft and Apple Computers

  5. You can install 3rd-party addons

  6. Will work with Office 365 or Google's G-Suite

  7. And much more...

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