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Tax Planning

Have a major change in your income this year, get married, have kids, get divorced, buy a new home, sell an investment property? Buy or sell a business? These are all very good reasons to meet with us to do some tax planning. Unless you are a farmer, income averaging no longer exists, but there are other ways we can help you minimize your tax, and make sure you don’t overpay, or worse yet underpay and get penalized for it. We have been helping our clients for years in this area and we can help you too!

Income Tax Preparation

Whether you just need your simple short form prepared, or you have a complex return with investment properties, stock or property trades or other business schedules, we can help. Move from another state and have two or more state returns to prepare? Maybe this is your first year filing a S corporation return or partnership and want to seek out expertise to maximize all your business deductions. Or this return is not for you, but an estate or trust for your family that needs to be prepared. Whatever your situation, we have experienced professionals  that can help.

IRS Audit Representation

Have you received a letter from the IRS indicating they are assessing additional taxes, or want to meet with you? This can be a scary situation if you go at it alone unprepared. We are trained experts in dealing with the Federal and state tax authorities. We can review the returns in question, even if we did not prepare them. Since we are very familiar with the tax code, we know what they often look for and can prepare for your audit before we meet with the IRS (it seldom is to your advantage to even attend those meetings). Most audits these days are fairly routine mail audits. Many times just by looking at your audit letter and speaking with you, we will know the result we will get and tell you the time frame it will take to get your situation resolved.

Estates & Trusts

Dealing with these can be time consuming if you are called upon by family to handle one, especially with no experience. We can guide you through the steps to administer an estate, and handle all the local estate filings (inventories, accountings) as well as the associated tax returns. Trust filings can be even more confusing. Let us help.


Many business professionals leave this to their accountants. They rely on us to not only keep accurate records, but review their financial reports with them monthly to help them manage their growing company. We can set up systems to collect the information accurately and timely. We prepare excise and sales taxes as well as business licenses and property tax reports as required. Ask us for a quote to free you up from this time consuming but necessary chore.


Whether you are just hiring your first person, or just want to outsource it because it has grown too big for you to handle, we understand. Maybe you still want to write the checks, but hand off the payroll reporting and tax deposits to someone else. Still want to prepare your own payroll but need software training? We can do that too.

Quickbooks Support

Ever need help on some function of this program? Need to know how to set up a company or chart of accounts, or add payroll to your Quickbooks file? Maybe you just want to make sure you are using this software to its fullest ability and saving you the greatest amount of time.

Whatever the reason, let our experienced experts help you. We have Certified Quickbooks experts on staff just to make sure our clients get the help they need when they need it. Our staff stays up to date on the newer versions as soon as they come out, and pass a competency test on them prepared by Intuit.

DO YOU NEED AN ONLINE SOFTWARE SOLUTION, BUT DON’T LIKE QUICKBOOKS ONLINE? We now offer a HOSTED DESKTOP QUICKBOOKS, just like the one you may have been using for years, with all the functionality and speed you are used to. Just ask us. We use it and love it!

Small Business Consulting

I have owned 3 businesses myself, as well as helped and advised hundreds of small businesses over the past 30 years. Whether you are looking at starting or buying a business, want more profitability from your current business, or are selling or want to plan to sell your business for maximum value, we can help. Not only do we have expertise on our staff, but we have a network of business relationships in all areas to help your business succeed.

Business Start-Up Assistance

New in business, or starting up another company? We are experts at this. We will meet with you to find out about the nature of your business and review with you all the Federal, State and local business tax requirements you may be subject to. We will also discuss the proper entity structure of your business and the best fit for your business to start as. Then we can apply for your TAX ID numbers your business will need immediately. We will set up your chart of accounts and your books so you can be free to concentrate on more important pressing tasks.

Business Bill Paying

Don’t have time to pay your bills, but don’t want to get penalized? Let us pay them for you. We can automate this task for you and give you full reporting of all your payments on a schedule to your liking. We will also balance the cash in your checking account to make sure you always have adequate funds before we pay them.

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